Shake Some Action! Party at SXSW

Took this directly from the Weekly Tape Deck blog, these guys know how to make things good and yes i'm playing and it's my only Austin show and it's early. March 19th around noon.

What started off as a single day show somehow ballooned into a massive three day “festival” between us and some friends. During the madness that is SXSW, we bring you OUR own party. The collaborative efforts of Yours Truly, Indie-Verse, Transparent, Friendship Bracelet, Sammi Is Booking and the Underwater Peoples have built upon something great. A place where you can grab a beer and listen to some good tunes and get a buzzcut in the parking lot next door after stuffing yr face with Ethiopian sponge bread. For three days (March 18-20, 2010) we bring to you a massive amount of music from/with friends that we have met through starting this site almost a year ago. So from all of us to you…

@ Karibu Ethiopian Restaurant (1209 East 7th Street//Austin, TX 78702)

Confirmed acts are: Truman Peyote//Numerators//Air Waves//Coasting //Million Young//Mantles //Weekend//Fluffy Lumbers//Eternal Summers//Big Troubles//Family Portrait//Woodsman//Fergus & Geronimo//Reading Rainbow//La Panza//His Clancyness//One Wolf//My Gold Mask//JEFF the Brotherhood//Coathangers//Fungi Girls//Tonstartssbandht//Young Prisms//Cloud Nothings//Campfires//Dead Gaze//Banjo or Freakout//Teenage Cool Kids//So Cow//Whitman//Electric Tickle Machine//Pill Wonder//Speculator//Treasure Mammal//Twin Sister//Lovvers//Weed Diamond//Diamond Rings//Pure Ecstasy//Rangers//Intelligence//The Present//Woven Bones