FatCat Records will be our new Home.

Just happy to say that FatCat Records will be our new house. It's nice to be in a house I seem to already know having been a fan for so many years of their work. It feels cozy. I can't wait to share everything we recorded in old Michigan Ave with my friends Paul and Jacopo. In the meanwhile here is one of my fav songs, Machines. It's quite a personal song. It's basically about the sense of apathy, sort of a numbness to what's going on outside, kind of really waiting to reach the limit before doing anything about ones situation. That old "feeling too much part of a mechanism and not being able to shake". Also a bit about Detroit where I recorded it with this guy called Chris Koltay. Who is our daddy and friend and best pal. We will have a limited cassette EP for the upcoming dates, it's gonna be called Charade. More news on that soon.
Hope you enjoy this lyrics video, filmed on a bad and ugly day in the countryside of Mantova. It was wet.