Facciamo Altro

Altro is a punk from Pesaro that sings in Italian and has been putting out gem after gem now for a long time. I don't listen to too many things in Italian and sometimes it's my fault, but one band that has been on my record player since day one is Altro. Their first record Candore is a reckless force, like a bicycle ride at night through the woods, or a wave that just keeps bringing you down to your knees on a cold summer day. Their lyrics are simple and direct and they can brake any language barrier. When I first heard them I thought, perfect, Unwound+Cure played fast and simple. I was wrong, there is much more to them.

I've never been really interested in singing in Italian, I have nothing against it, it just did not feel like my thing. The lovely people at Barberia decided to re-release Candore on cassette and to ask a group of fans (yes we are fans!) to cover the great songs on the LP. I chose Pitagora and singing it in Italian felt natural because of the way Altro write and sing songs. For a song it was my thing.

It's great to be part of something with a ton of friends that happen to be great artists. Read the list, download the compilation, buy the cassette, support the artists and cherish La Barberia forever.

This is my contribution

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