Always Mist Revisited

I'm not good in talking about my music but I'll tell you one thing. I'm so damn happy this is finally coming out. It's like I can finally sleep in peace. This LP has been in the making for a long time and it's not my first album but more like a collection of songs I recorded and love.

Side A (Always Mist) initially came out on cassette for Mirror Universe Tapes. Side B is a collection of songs that date between 2009 and 2011 that have been floating around all over the place and now finally have a home. Some are covers I'm really fond of, they were done for friends that I admire.

Three labels are involved in the release of this vinyl, Secret Furry Hole, believers since day one, Splendour, making me feel closer to home, and Sixteen Tambourines, the far and dreamy ones.

Tracklist is down below and also a list of places where you can order this.
Thanks for reading.

Always Mist Revisited INFO

(side A) mistify the ocean – misinterpret my words – vampire summer – piece of cake – just like monday – nights and fables – ottawa backfired soon – clear the mist – nothing and nowhere to go –– (side B) summer majestic – sight prayer – freight trains – can't hear my eyes (ariel pink's haunted graffiti cover) – memories are made of this (everly brothers cover) – how it's done in italy (my bubba & mi cover) – last dream on the grass

mastered by carl saff at saff mastering, chicago
cover photo by ana cabaleiro —– anacabaleiro.com
label photo by li hui —– huiuh.com
graphic design by tomm
12" sleeves printed by legno –– facebook.com/legnobruttagrafica

ORDER from Secret Furry Hole: copies come with free cd-r plus exclusive remisted EP download link (including remixes and reworks by some friends of ours as the like of life and limb, vaghe stelle, reverber, soosh, emphemetry, wolther goes stranger, death in plains...)

ORDER from Splendour

ORDER from Sixteen Tambourines

ORDER from Rough Trade or Picadilly Records